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The Vice of Virtue Signaling

On a Sunday night, June 10, 2018, famed Hollywood actor Robert De Niro walked up to a microphone during the 72nd Tony Awards ceremony and used the vilest language possible against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. There was no logical reason for De Niro to use such shameful words. His speech… Continue reading The Vice of Virtue Signaling

Christian Living, Church, Culture & Society

The Hypocrisy of Virtue Signaling

Sometime in the year 2016, I became aware of a new term having been introduced into the American cultural vocabulary, virtue signaling. I believe the label was created by Republican conservatives who became weary of elite Democratic and Liberal political pundits telling the nation what to eat, drink, say, think, and do. Enough already! One reason for… Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Virtue Signaling