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Jacob and Esau What Does Election Say to You?

“As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” –Romans 9:13 The Biblical doctrine of election remains one of the most unpopular and emotionally charged teaching in Christendom. Many pastors, teachers, and Christian authors are not simply opposed to the doctrines of grace, and God’s sovereignty in salvation, they are openly… Continue reading Jacob and Esau What Does Election Say to You?

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God’s Free Love and Free Grace, Not Free Will

For many years I was curious as to why a person reared as a conservative Calvinist, would become a theological Arminian. For those who are not familiar with those terms, a Calvinist is a Christian influenced by the teaching of the French religious theologian, John Calvin (July 10, 1509 – May 27, 1564), one of… Continue reading God’s Free Love and Free Grace, Not Free Will

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The Question of Predestination

It is an axiom in American culture that politics and religion are not to be discussed. These subjects are deemed too controversial, and only create division and strife. There are many antidotal testimonials to the validity of this axiom. However, the Christian is compelled to preach the gospel, and share the full counsel of God… Continue reading The Question of Predestination