Old Testament

An Overview of Lamentations

Divine Author: God the Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16) Human Author: Anonymous, perhaps Jeremiah      Date of Writing: Early date, 586 BC; late date, 516 BC Writing Style: Four of the […]


A Transcendent Ethic for the Church

From the benevolence of God, and based on the longsuffering of God with sinner, the doctrine of Universalism has emerged to declare that a loving God will save everyone. A benevolent […]


Why the Indian Loved Jesus

During the colonial time period, an English traveler came to America and discovered a convert to Christ among the Indians. He was astounded and asked bluntly, “ What is the reason […]

God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit

“But God…”

  From Genesis to Revelation the Bible sets forth the Divine Initiative of God to save some from eternal judgment. In Genesis 3:15 there is the promise of God. “I will […]