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Rejecting the Rapture Hoax

For many years now, a large segment of God’s people have been taught the imminent return of Jesus. The idea that Jesus is coming at any moment has led to fanciful speculation and date setting. One date setter was a Baptist farmer and lay-preacher named William Miller. Based on his understanding of  Daniel 8:14 "Until… Continue reading Rejecting the Rapture Hoax

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The Fall of the Revived Roman Empire

Dispensationalists are Wrong Yet Again As a child I listened with great excitement to Dispensational teachers, and read many of the books of the leading advocates of The System. Little did I realize at the time how foolish this theological bias was, and how sensationalized it had become. The Bible was interpreted in light of … Continue reading The Fall of the Revived Roman Empire

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An Erroneous Teacher Today Is the False Prophet of Tomorrow

As the eyes of the world are drawn towards the current events in Russia and the Crimea, many prophetic pundits are eagerly waiting to see what will happen next. Once more the modern day prophetic teachers are announcing that the headlines of today fulfill ancient biblical prophecies. With a fixed Dispensational paradigm in mind, the… Continue reading An Erroneous Teacher Today Is the False Prophet of Tomorrow