How to Study the Bible: With A Comprehensive Study Guide

God wants Christians to study the Bible. The Bible is His final revelation to the world, and He wants individuals to know it, for without knowledge of the Word of God a person cannot be saved.

Jesus, The Great I AM

Jesus often used the phrase “I am” when teaching His disciples and followers. But what exactly did he mean by this formula? Simply stated, in the New Testament, Jesus took the unusual reference for Himself thereby making Himself equal to God. This book explores the different ways in which Jesus ascribed this divine name to Himself and what it means for believers today.

The Great Tribulation: Rescuing Christians from Fear of the Future

Beginning in the summer of AD 66 war broke out in Jerusalem as individuals sought to be free from Roman bondage. From a human perspective this was a national revolt for freedom. From a divine perspective these were “days of vengeance” and the period of great tribulation prophesized by Christ as God disciplined Israel for executing the Messiah.

The New Testament and Its Message: A Survey

The New Testament and Its Message is an attempt to capture in but a few pages the history, the events, the people, and the Person as they converged in the first century to change man’s relation to God forever.

The central figure is the carpenter’s Son, revealed to the world in these pages of Scripture as the King of kings. Today as then, we can know Him personally as Jesus—our Savior, our Lord, and our God!

A Glorious Institution: The Church in History (Revised & Updated)

Part One: When the Church Was Young A.D. 33–754 focuses on the early growth of the Christian Church, developing from a small assembly of believers in Jerusalem to become a vast spiritual kingdom.

Part Two: The Church in the Middle Ages A.D. 754–1517 traces the days of Charlemagne to the dawn of the Reformation.

Part Three: The Reformation and Its Aftermath 1517–1648 observes the tremendous upheaval when brave men were transforming the spiritual Church into conformity with God’s inerrant Word, in deliberate departure from the traditions of men.

In Part Four: The Church in the Modern Age 1648–present, we see the difficulty men have when given freedom to study the Scriptures, to avoid false doctrines springing out of pride and greed.

Addiction: Finding Freedom in Jesus

Millions of people, including Christians, struggle with an addiction. The Church must be sympathetic to this reality, and find ways to help. Addiction: Finding Freedom In Jesus is designed to offer the local Church some simple, and practical, suggestions to assist those suffering with a compulsive behavior which is harmful to their lives. While this work is not technical, nor is it exhaustive, it does offer hope to those who desperately need understanding, love, mercy, forgiveness, grace, and freedom.

Chaos: A Closer Look at the Charismatic Movement

“Something, which can appear strange and unusual, is happening in many local churches in America, and throughout the world, on a regular basis. There is the utterance of unclear voices being heard and many are forced to ask, ‘What in the world is going on?’ Critics of the phenomena say simply enough that people are ‘acting weird’. They are working themselves up into an emotional frenzy and uttering meaningless gibberish. Others insist that people are being filled with the Holy Spirit and so are able to speak in tongues, or another language.” —from the Introduction

The Story of the Christian Church Simply Told: Revised and Updated

The Story of the Christian Church Simply Told is a sketch of seminal events from the time of the Apostles to the modern era. This book provides glimpses of key figures and events that shaped the Christian Church. It is both fascinating and enlightening and will be sure to delight those interested in learning more about the history of the Church throughout the ages.