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Let the Lady Speak

What is Repentance? Catherine Booth 1829 -1890 Catherine Booth is referred to with honor as the “Mother of the Salvation Army.” She was a wise woman and a gifted communicator of gospel truth reflected in her thoughts on repentance. If any father has a prodigal son, I ask, How is it that you are reconciled…… Continue reading Let the Lady Speak

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The Story of the Flood and A Fresh Start

A hundred and twenty years is not a very long time in human history, for time is fleeting. Life is like “a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away” (James 4:14). One hundred and twenty years went by during the days of Noah, and then “the LORD said unto Noah, Come…… Continue reading The Story of the Flood and A Fresh Start

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Is Salvation Simple?

With a desire to see souls saved, with a longing to bring many people to Christ, some well-meaning Christians engage in theological reductionism while presenting the gospel, and come to the conclusion that salvation is “simple.” Some get frustrated at more thoughtful people who know that among non-Christians the way of salvation is not easy…… Continue reading Is Salvation Simple?

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Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, the NFL, and A Teachable Moment

For those who love the game of football, the story of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is discouraging, for the public game is being overshadowed by private behavior. By his own admission on February 15, 2014, at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, Ray Rice punched his fiancée in an elevator, knocking her out. Despite…… Continue reading Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, the NFL, and A Teachable Moment

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The Casualties of Christendom

After more than four decades of Christian ministerial experience, I think I can now safely say there is nothing that surprises me. Nothing surprises me, and no one can surprise me—no one. As I try to tell individuals struggling with broken hearts and shattered lives, “What do you except of sinners but sin?” Conservative theologians…… Continue reading The Casualties of Christendom