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Ten Doctrines to Share During Evangelism

Theology matters. This truism becomes all the more apparent as one undertakes the task of evangelizing. In answering the question, “What constitutes successful evan­gelism?” there will be differing—and sometimes contradic­tory—answers. Someone will respond, “Great audiences, dynamic performances, eloquent preaching, and engaging music.” The tendency by some is an over-reliance upon a humanistic response. Instead of…… Continue reading Ten Doctrines to Share During Evangelism


The Importance of Christian Missions

Evangelical attitudes throughout the church age toward the Great Commission have been strangely diver­gent—some have practically ignored the command, others saw it merely as a secondary job, and still others devoted their lives to world missions and made it their entire ministry. Yet missions have most prominently contributed to the rapid spread of the Christian…… Continue reading The Importance of Christian Missions