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Why I Use More Scripture Now

After more than 45 years in the ministry, and having preached more than 5,000 sermons, I would like to say something to preachers, Sunday School teachers, and Christian authors, about the use of Scripture. Simply put, I use more Scripture now in my preaching, teaching, and writings, and I encourage others to do the same,…… Continue reading Why I Use More Scripture Now

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Standing for One’s Faith in a Godless Society

A Soul In Search of Salvation The Story of Martin Luther and the Reformation Part 3 Standing Fast before the Sovereign In the spring of 1521, the Parliament of the German state assembled and demanded the appearance of Luther. Obedient to the crown, Luther journeyed to Worms, believing that he had been summoned to debate…… Continue reading Standing for One’s Faith in a Godless Society

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Ten Ways to Help Your Pastor be Better

The local pastor is not much different than the parishioners among whom he ministers. Some pastors are young and inexperienced. Some are mature and experienced. Some pastors have exceptional leadership skills, while others are lone rangers who feel they must do everything themselves. Some pastors suffer from familiar weaknesses in humanity to include paranoia, insecurity,…… Continue reading Ten Ways to Help Your Pastor be Better