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The Crescent Challenges the Cross

Because there are between five to seven million Muslims living in America, it is important to understand Islam. Islam should not be reduced to simplicity as a violent religion, and dismissed. While Islam obviously promotes violence, not all Muslim embrace that facet of the religion. Supporters of Islam would point out that it has a…… Continue reading The Crescent Challenges the Cross

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Let the Lady Speak

What is Repentance? Catherine Booth 1829 -1890 Catherine Booth is referred to with honor as the “Mother of the Salvation Army.” She was a wise woman and a gifted communicator of gospel truth reflected in her thoughts on repentance. If any father has a prodigal son, I ask, How is it that you are reconciled…… Continue reading Let the Lady Speak

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Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God

You don’t have to believe in God. But here are ten compelling reasons—offered by Radio Bible Class—for the existence of a Creator. The choice to believe is up to you. The Inevitability of Faith Everyone believes in something. No one can endure the stress and cares of life without faith in something that cannot ultimately…… Continue reading Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God