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Should There Be Voting in the Church?

It was a sweet moment. An elderly couple was attending the business meeting in a local church. They were there as faithful congregates in support of the work of the ministry. They were there to be voted on as new members. When the time came for voting on receiving the couple as members, the lady…… Continue reading Should There Be Voting in the Church?

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The Conversion of Paul

In making a survey of the Bible, an important inquiry to address is the question of why Luke wrote the Book of Acts. The Book of Acts records the Acts of the Apostles, or better, the acts of the Holy Spirit as the expansion of the early church is given. It is also probable that…… Continue reading The Conversion of Paul

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The Story of Deborah

AN EXPOSITION OF JUDGES 4 The Story of Deborah        1 AND the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD, when Ehud was dead. The story of national Israel, as it developed as a nation following the Exodus from Egypt, is the story of faith and failure. It is…… Continue reading The Story of Deborah

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Hollywood’s Cesspool of Sinful Speech

In 1927, the Motion Picture Production Code, better known as the “Hays Code”, banned the use of profanity in films. In 1939, in the movie, Gone With the Wind, the Code was breached with the use of a single word in the closing dialogue. Today, in 2017, there is no attempt to stop the cesspool…… Continue reading Hollywood’s Cesspool of Sinful Speech