“Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, 15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:14-15).

I can remember a story I heard as a child, told by the pastor of my youth. Though more than fifty years have passed, the point of the story has been remembered. The story illustrates how Satan can damn souls with a simple suggestion. In 2013, Sheila Hamil has taken the old but familiar sermon illustration to write a dramatic narrative for Dramatix, on the web. This is her version of that fictional event.

Once, the devil decided to hold a competition to see which of his demons could come up with the best scheme to stop ordinary people seeking God and finding Him. Five of them volunteered and came before him with ideas.

The first demon had this to say: “I shall tell them there is no God.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” said the devil. “They only have to look at the wonders of creation, their own human form, even a tiny baby; the sun, moon and stars and planets each day on their perfect course, the constant cycle of the seasons, to know without a doubt that a Creator has had a hand in their making.”

The second demon cried out, “I shall tell them that there is no such a thing as evil, they can do as they like…”

“No that won’t wash either. They cannot help but notice that the shadow of evil is all around them in the broken lives of people who lose their way, and who chart their own course through life. Think again.”

The third demon had this to say, “I shall persuade everyone that churches are not in fashion, and definitely not cool, and that the people inside them are out of touch and will never change their ways. I shall tell them that church folk are only after their money. And they shall become cynical, critical and disheartened.”

The devil yawned and said, “They already think this way, some others has got there before you!”

The fourth demon had a better plan. “I shall encourage mortals to become addicted to television, from the moment they wake up, until falling asleep at night. Soon, they will spend their lives in a comatose state. I shall lay before them movies, sitcoms, and mindless commercials,” he crowed.

“No, no “replied the devil, “there still will come a time when they become disinterested or disenchanted with TV and it will be in those moments that they might learn to think for themselves. Therein is the danger!”

“Ah yes, but soon there will be new technology, whereby these mortals can have all of their favorite programs at the touch of a button, and backdate ones they have missed. Their viewing will be perpetual.”

“I’m still not sure that every single second will be covered,” replied the devil, “but well done, keep on trying. . .”

The devil became depressed, and wondered whether he should go down and do the job himself.

The last demon to approach looked worried, he wasn’t sure that his plan was any better or that the devil would approve.

“My plan, your greatness, was a simple one.”

“Well let’s have it,” snarled the devil.

“I thought I would just go and persuade them that they have plenty of TIME in which to make their minds up.”

The devil raised his head slowly with the most delightfully evil grin on his face. “Excellent! The prize is yours, Go now to it.”

Because the concept of telling people to wait to be saved worked so effectively, with a sanctified imagination, it is possible that Satan officially held a Second Unholy Convocation to discuss how to deny, diminish, or at the very least, delay giving Jesus His crown rights.

At this unholy convocation the idea was set forth to mix truth with error by introducing a sensational system of theology that would go by the name of Dispensationalism.

As it was explained to the other demons that day, a major teaching of this new understanding of the Bible would be an emphasis on, and an exaltation of, a nation under Divine discipline.

This would be followed by diminishing the glory of the Church by teaching it is a parenthetical thought in the plan of God, will become an apostate organization, and is doomed for failure.

Most important of all, the new system of theology would teach people to wait to give Jesus all the honor and glory due to his name. Specifically, Satan said,

“Tell people that the atonement Christ came to make is to be celebrated in the future. Tell people they are to wait for another advent of Jesus before believing He made atonement at Calvary. And tell the people to wait to believe that the prophesy of Daniel is fulfilled, that Christ destroyed the empire of Rome by crushing it with the power of His might so that His own kingdom could fill the earth.”

The Devil paused to see if these major points were being understood. He saw smiles cross the lips of his fallen angels. They were delighted with what they were being told to do. They believed it would work. It was brilliant. Their leader, Lucifer, was absolutely brilliant. The demons continued to listen in order to receive more instruction.

“Make it seem like the kingdom of God has failed, and is to be relegated to the future. Tell the people to wait to crown Jesus King of kings, and Lord of lords.”

There was thunderous applause when Lucifer was through. The Convocation ended, and the spirits of darkness spread throughout the nations on earth to try to deceive them with a new message, and a simple exhortation to just wait.

As commanded, the messengers of the new theology effectively communicated their message with militant zeal so that what began as an interesting theory, is now considered settled Biblical truth. But that is only because the average Christian does not bother to open the Bible and search the Scriptures to see if what they are being taught is actually in the text. That too is part of the Great Plan that came out of the Second Unholy Convocation held by Lucifer.  

Today, countless of people have been taught that one day Jesus will be King, one day the church will rule with Christ, and reign as kings and priests, one day Daniel’s prophesy of seventy weeks will be fulfilled, one day Christ smashing the kingdoms of this world will take place, but, not now.

“Tell the people to wait,” Satan told his messengers, “and while they wait, let them think they alone know the future and have special information no one else has. We will not call that special knowledge Gnosticism, for that term has already been used. We will call this new special knowledge, Dispensationalism. That sounds profound. Be sure to make up complicated charts for visual effect, and to impress the people.”

Has the strategy of the Second Unholy Satanic Convocation worked? Indeed, it has.

The crown rights of King Jesus are not believed in at the moment.

A large portion of the Church believes, because it has been taught, that a stiff necked, rebellious, and spiritually blinded people, living in a state of apostasy, and under Divine judgment are really God’s chosen people, and not those who follow the Lamb.

Multitudes believe, incorrectly, they will escape tribulation, or great sorrow, for they know they will be secretly raptured before the bad events happen.

Countless professing Christians think there will be a Revived Roman Empire so the ancient prophesy of Daniel can be fulfilled, at another advent of Christ.

And the atonement, the celebration of the covering of sin, oh yes, belief in that is also to be delayed for another time and place.

“Tell them to wait,” said the Devil. “It is that simple. Tell the Church to wait to give Jesus all the honor and glory due to Him. It will sap the spiritual strength of the Church, cause Church people to become fearful in times of testing, and destroy faith in the sovereignty of their Savior. Tell people the Kingdom of God is not at hand; it has been delayed. Oh yes, tell them to wait to believe.”

But Church, there is no time to wait. “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.” Believe that prophesy is fulfilled. Believe that Christ destroyed the evil Roman empire that condoned His death, and hurt His people. Believe that it was King Jesus who has gone forth to conquer and has the right to be called King of kings, and Lord of lords. Believe in His atoning work. Believe now the Church militant is the Church triumphant. Believe without delay in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ!

ll hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall.
Bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown him Lord of all.
Bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown him Lord of all!

O seed of Israel’s chosen race
now ransomed from the fall,
hail him who saves you by his grace,
and crown him Lord of all.
Hail him who saves you by his grace,
and crown him Lord of all!

Let every tongue and every tribe
responsive to his call,
to him all majesty ascribe,
and crown him Lord of all.
To him all majesty ascribe,
and crown him Lord of all!

Oh, that with all the sacred throng
we at his feet may fall!
We’ll join the everlasting song
and crown him Lord of all.
We’ll join the everlasting song
and crown him Lord of all.

Edward Perronet

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