Father, it is not easy to confess and honestly admit our transgressions and perversions.

As the offspring of Adam and Eve, we would rather flee from your presence than face our shame of violating your known will.

And yet, we know it is right to confess, for if we regard iniquity in our hearts, you will not hear us.

Because you have made your Church to be a Kingdom of Priests, hear now our confession on behalf of our nation.

As a nation, we kill our babies on a daily basis. Like the heathen in Canaan of old who offered their children to the god Molech, we offer our children on the altar of pro-choice and personal selfishness.

Children are no longer believed to be a heritage of the Lord, but an inconvenience to be rid of. 

As a nation, we embrace the homosexual lifestyle. We are willing to elect to the highest office of government men, and women who burn in their lust one toward another; engaging in unnatural acts which are unseemly in Your holy sight.

As a nation, we have constructed two tiers of legal justice. There is one form of justice for the rich, powerful, and well connected. And there is another form of justice for those who are hated politically, and personally.

The very existence of our nation has recently been shaken by distortions and exaggerations in an excessive zeal to hurt others legally.

Because you have made us a Kingdom of Priests, hear now our confession of personal transgressions.

Father, from our mouths have come vulgar and profane language. Your name is often taken in vain.

Corrupt communication is common.

Murder is in our hearts. We do not hide our contempt for others. We readily express the hatred we have for those with opposing points of view.

Civility is rarely considered for venting of anger is easier than self-control.

We pretend that what we say without love and compassion is said in honesty, and to make others better.

We do not mind being like the Pharisees of old and signal our virtue and say, “I thank you God I am not as other people. I am the better person.”

We make no pretense of wanting to be different, or like Christ.

Father, in your holiness, reveal to our hearts the shocking horror of our transgressions, and cause us to change through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen and Amen.

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