A Religious Congregation will focus attention upon programs, traditional practices, and customs.

A Righteous Congregation will focus attention upon people and spiritual practices.

A Religious Congregation holds to an orthodox faith but in a cold and formal manner                                                   

A Righteous Congregation has an orthodox faith which loves the spirit as well as the letter of the Word of God

A Religious Congregation is self-righteous and always watching others, but only to hurt with words which wound.                                                                     

A Righteous Congregation also watches others but only to exhort to good works with words that are seasoned with grace.

A Religious Congregation has member with murder in their hearts though it might be veiled.

A Righteous Congregation has love in the heart which is openly manifested.

A Religious Congregation will engage in controversy for sake of argumentation.

A Righteous Congregation will avoid verbal conflicts if they generate no profit for the soul.

A Religious Congregation will unite with traditional enemies in order to advance a specific cause though it is harmful to self and others.              

A Righteous Congregation will pray for and helps those who are weak in the faith and weak in body.

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