During the colonial time period, an English traveler came to America and discovered a convert to Christ among the Indians. He was astounded and asked bluntly, “ What is the reason that you make so much of Christ, and talk so much about Him? What has this Christ done for you that you should make so much ado about Him?”

The Indian did not answer him in words. He gathered together some dry leaves and moss and made a ring with them on the ground. He picked up a live worm and put it in the middle of the ring. He struck a light and set the moss and leaves on fire. The flame soon rose, and the heat scorched the worm. It writhed in agony, and after trying in vain to escape on every side, curled itself up in the middle, as if about to die in despair. At that moment the Indian reached forth his hand, took up the worm gently and placed it on his bosom.

“Sir,” he said to the Englishman, “do you see that worm? I was that perishing creature. I was dying in my sins, hopeless, helpless and on the brink of eternal fire. It was Jesus Christ who put forth the arm of His power. It was Jesus Christ who delivered me with the hand of His grace, and plucked me from everlasting burnings. It was Jesus Christ who placed me, a poor sinful worm, near the heart of His love. Stranger, that is the reason why I talk of Jesus Christ, and make much of Him. I am not ashamed of it, because I love Him.”

A Look of Love

The famous king, Cyrus the Great of Persia, was opposed by Cagular, a provincial ruler in his day. 

Cyrus sent out his invincible army which captured the rebel Cagular, and his family.

The powerful monarch delayed killing his prisoner.  One day, Cyrus decided to interview Cagular. Impressed with the man, during the course of the conversation Cyrus thought about sparing the life of this local rival.

“What would you do if I spared your life?” Cyrus asked Cagular.

“Oh, my King, I would serve with all my strength,” replied Cagular.

“What would you do if I spared the life of your wife?” Cyrus then asked.

Cagular answered. “Majesty, I would die for my wife, but her and I would serve you to my death.”

Then the mighty Cyrus made Cagular the captain over his southern forces and sent him to assume command.

“Did you see all the silver armor?” Cagular asked his wife as they journeyed to his new position.

“No,” she replied.

“Did you see the marble and ornaments in the king’s court?” he asked.

“No,” she replied again.

“Did you see the gold throne where Cyrus sat?” “No,” she replied.

“Well, what did you see anyway?” Cagular asked her.  And she looked lovingly into his eyes and answered,

“I saw only the face of the man who said he would die for me!”

Jesus said,

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

What a Friend we have in Jesus. And that, is just another reason, we look with love upon Jesus.

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