“Abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare.” – President Bill Clinton, 1996

While the mother and physicians discuss killing a baby born alive, “The infant would be kept comfortable.” –Virginian Governor Ralph Northam, January 30, 2019

“I don’t want to make abortion illegal. I want to make it unthinkable. Politicians change laws. I want to change people’s hearts.” –Frank Stephens, born with Downs Syndrome

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.””—Romans 5:8

When a major American political party works for more than a century to legalize and protect the slaughter of unborn children, “Why?” is not a political question to ask; it is a moral imperative of inquiry.

Various reasons have been set forth as to why the slaughter of the unborn should be legally tolerated, and socially celebrated, as New York Governor Cuomo and company did when New York’s Reproductive Health Act was passed in January, 2019. The New York bill not only extended abortion up to the point of labor, it repealed the requirement that only doctors perform abortion, and decriminalized violence against children in the womb. In New York, one in three babes are aborted. Forty percent of those babies are black.

The health of the mother is the leading argument for allowing an abortion. However, with the advances in modern medicine, that argument is not as forceful as it once was. Moreover, the health of the mother is expanded to mean anything a person wants it to mean, even when the mother is dilated, and suddenly decides she does not want a normal, fully developed and healthy child.

The right of a woman to choose what is to be done to her body is another emotional argument, and to many, persuasive. However, a developed baby in the womb is another body entrusted to her care. If a person outside the womb does not have the right to kill a person, why should a woman have the right to kill a person inside her womb? It is not only her body she is taking control of, it is the body of another person, made in the holy image of God.

Militant abortionists contend that men have no right to make laws concerning the reproductive health of women. Feminist need, and want, men’s support to conceive children. Pro-choice women want men to protect them against rape, robbery, and physical acts of violence. However, when a woman wants to exercise violence against her own child in the womb, then suddenly, abortionist activists want men to leave women alone—unless there is a male doctor willing to assist the woman in tearing her child to pieces in order to remove the life within her body, or snip the infant’s spinal cord to make the extraction faster.

It has been pointed out by “compassionate” people, such as Chelsea Clinton and Governor Northam, that when women are allowed to have an abortion, on demand, at any stage of their pregnancy, when women are allowed to kill the infant after giving birth, women enjoy greater economic freedom. Of course they do. Abortion mothers do not have to feed, clothe, and provide for their child. Abortion mothers can spend all the money saved on themselves. Abortion mothers can spend the child rearing time in serving the corporations of the world. Chelsea Clinton says abortion mothers have added $3.5 trillion to boost the economy since Roe v. Wade was passed in January of1973. Why have an abortion? There is money to be made!

To many people, the answers to the “Why?” question from pro-choice people are not sane, spiritual, or satisfying. Their answers are a diversion from the reality of what is actually happening to the infant. According to Governor Northam, a medical doctor, the infant is kept alive, and made comfortable, before killing it, if that is the decision of the mother. Sixty million babies have been terminated by abortion mothers. Because life in America in the 21st century is viewed so cheaply, Democrats talk openly about infanticide, and pass state laws to enforce the practice.

Democrats know many women will vote for them, if they support the slaughter of the innocent. Therefore, Democrats trade lives for votes and political power.

Democrats know there is money to be received from rich but soulless donors if they support the slaughter of the innocent.  Therefore, Democrats pocket the money, and are giddy with joy, as they walk past the death chambers in Planned Parenthood clinics to the bank.

Democrats know they can sleep better at night, if they can only drown out the silent screaming of the babies in women’s wombs. Therefore, Democrats try to pass laws prohibiting free speech against abortion, in order to ease their conscience. They also block attempts to limit late term abortions.

“WASHINGTON — The Senate rejected a bill on Monday to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy…” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jan. 29:2018).

“Democrats are now the party of infanticide, and no one can deny it.”— JONATHON VAN MAREN

No major Democratic political figure is trying to completely deny it.

Democrats promise to make the infant comfortable, while they continue to discuss whether or not to kill the child. Democrats pretend to be concerned about the health of the mother, so they can feel virtuous. But,  in their hearts, Democrats have made a political decision, now written into state law, and practiced by bloody hands wielding instruments of death, more sterile than those used by the Nazis, such as Dr. Mengele, but no less destructive. Dr. Mengele was called “The Angel of Death.” What should Dr. Northam be called?

The Democrats are the Culture of Death. Dr. Mengele made infants and children comfortable, before he experimented with their body parts, or killed them, just like Dr. Northam, his nurses, and abortion mothers.

If this were the end of the debate, then abortion mothers who regret having terminated their babies would have no hope for forgiveness and personal redemption. Fortunately, God is a God of infinite mercy and grace. There is no sin too great for the grace of God. God will forgive every abortion mother, and pro-choice participant, who will repent of terminating an innocent life.

Abby Johnson has asked for God’s forgiveness, and received it. Because she is a new person in Christ Jesus, Abby can speak out with intimate knowledge against abortion, for she was once a director at Planned Parenthood.

In her movie, “Unplanned”, Abby shares how she began to rethink her position, after she assisted with a 13 week, ultrasound-guided abortion, at a Planned Parenthood that she managed.

“I was asked to come in and assist and I was shocked to see this 13-week-old fetus — it appeared to be struggling and moving away from the abortion instrumentation and I knew then that there was life in the womb, that there was humanity in the womb, that really there wasn’t a whole lot of difference between me and this 13-week-old fetus,” Johnson said. “We still both had that instinctual fight or flight response — if somebody was coming to harm me, I would fight back and that is what I had seen in the womb.”

Perhaps the Lord will use this movie to bring many abortion mothers, doctors, nurses, abortion clinic workers, governors, presidents, political leaders, and pro-choice people to Godly repentance.

May God have mercy upon America, and cause us to be a nation where abortion is unthinkable, because every person, born and unborn, is precious, with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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