The California billboard read for all the world to see:

“Bruce Jenner is still a man.
Homosexuality is still sin.
The culture may change.
The Bible does not.”

Bruce Jenner is the tragic human who thinks he wants to be a female, but can never quite make that happen. Really, there is not much to say except that Mr. Jenner is not a good role model of a man. He is not a godly man. He is not a sensible man. He is not a mentally healthy man. No person who emotionally and physically severely mutilates themselves is mentally heathy. His soul is not integrated. Nevertheless, Bruce Jenner is still a man. That is the message the Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in northern California was saying.


There was a time when most of American society was sane and people were rooted in reality. There was a time, not long ago, when caring family members would commit their son, their brother, their husband, or any male family member with Jenner’s psychological disorder, to an institution for counseling and mental health therapy. However, that is too much trouble, and so the downward slide into personal moral decadence and self destruction is given freedom in American culture.

Reductionism in America’s thought process is appropriated on behalf of the homosexual community producing memorable signs.


One of the most blasphemous of the homosexual signs reads,


Another shallow sign asks, “As long as you are happy, does it matter who you fall in love with?” Actually, it does matter, or there would not be laws against polygamy, bigamy, bestiality, and pedophilia.

Fortunately, the shallow slogans of the homosexual community does not end the discussion. Neither history, creation, nor the God of history and creation will allow this perversion to saturate society, or it would be the end of the human race, and nature itself, since homosexuals do not reproduce themselves biologically.

By God’s grace, common sense and a spiritual awakening will come to America. Christians can pray for it while standing firm for speaking the truth in love to a culture that no longer values honest dialogue or instruction in righteousness. To the Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church near Lake Shastina, please be encouraged. Redeeming Grace Ministries stands with you. The God who made Bruce Jenner stands with you. Countless Christians are inspired by your courage to speak truth to those who are in self-destructive bondage by their lust, by Satan, and encouraged to stay in bondage by a decadent society.

For those homosexuals who are sorry they have mutilated themselves, led others into an un-gay and unhappy lifestyle, and would like to be fundamentally different, your pathway to freedom and having an integrated soul rests in the truth. Jesus is the way, and the truth.

Read the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Bible. When you come to chapter 3 and verse 16, insert your name so the Word of God to you is personal.

I would say to Bruce Jenner, and to every soul by sin oppressed, there is mercy with the Lord. If Mr. Jenner were willing to repent, and be the man God designed him to be, Bruce could read John 3:16 in this way.

“For God so loved Bruce Jenner, that He gave His only begotten Son, that if Bruce Jenner believes in Him, Bruce Jenner should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Choose life, and live for the wages of sin is temporal and eternal, physical and spiritual, death. Every honest heart knows this to be true.

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  1. Thank you for your excellent message about MR. Jenner.
    The Christian community needs to stop Capitalizing the name of the devils & demons.
    Each time we do it gives some form of respect to that thing that deserves less than nothing.
    The impression on young minds is very important to direct them away from satan.

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