“But let a man examine himself.”

1 Corinthians 11:28

Prior to his death in 399 BC for allegedly corrupting the morals of the youth of Athens, Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He was right. Many people have never bothered to examine their own lives. Many do not know what they believe, or why they believe what they believe. The following statements designed to enhance personal undertaking of one’s own position. In addition, if the document is shared with someone else, it can become the basis for dialogue.

If a person answers “Agree” to every statement, they are a committed Liberal. If a person answers “Agree” to some statements, and “Disagree” to others, they may be classified as a Moderate. If a person answers “Disagree” to all of the following statements, the individual should be considered a committed Conservative.

While the following Heartwork Handout is designed to clarify, and classify, a person’s political bias, the social, emotional, and theological implications cannot be dismissed. By admitting where a person’s heart is, discussion can follow why each position is taken. It is not enough to feel virtuous, and dismiss all others. It is not enough to say in anger, “I am right, and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.” Heartwork followed, by a rational discussion, is helpful in public and private discourse so as much as possible, we can live in more peace and harmony. As you answer, “Agree,” or, “Disagree,” ask yourself, “Why?” you take this position.

Political, Moral, and Spiritual Heartwork

Agree___ Disagree___ There should be public funding of Planned Parenthood.

Agree___ Disagree___ Partial birth abortions should be legal.

Agree___ Disagree___ A baby should be marked M, F, or X at birth.

Agree___ Disagree___ Transgender equality rights benefit society.

Agree___ Disagree___A person should be able to use any restroom of choice.

Agree___ Disagree___ Kate’s Law should never be passed.

Agree___ Disagree___ A man can become a woman, and a woman a man.

Agree ___ Disagree___ Same sex marriages should be allowed, and protected by government.

Agree___ Disagree___ A person should be able to legally identify themselves in a way other than their biology.

Agree___ Disagree___ An MS-13 member should never be called an animal.

Agree___ Disagree___ Convicted felons should have their voting rights restored.

Agree___ Disagree___ Recreational marijuana should be nationally legalized.

Agree___ Disagree___ There should be no border wall built to keep out illegal aliens.

Agree___ Disagree___Globalism is to be preferred to nationalism.

Agree___ Disagree___ Nationalism is unpatriotic.

Agree___ Disagree___ Nationalism is a code word for racism.

Agree___ Disagree___ A person who supports border control is xenophobic.

Agree___ Disagree___ Black Lives Matter deserves support.

Agree____ Disagree___ White people should feel guilty about the sins of their forefathers.

Agree___ Disagree___ African Americans should be compensated, and receive reparation.

Agree___ Disagree___ Statues of Confederate leaders should be destroyed.

Agree___ Disagree___ Incivility in public discourse is justified.

Agree___ Disagree___ Public officials who are of a different political persuasion should be
hunted down, confronted, and harassed whenever found.

Agree___ Disagree___ God does not exist.

Agree___ Disagree___ God should not be mentioned in any political platform.

Agree___ Disagree___ Prayer should not be allowed during any public school event.

Agree___ Disagree___ Kneeling during the National Anthem is appropriate.

Agree___ Disagree___ It is okay for an American citizen to join with, and fight for the Taliban.

Agree___ Disagree___ Sharia law should be allowed within America’s judicial system.

Agree___ Disagree___ The immigrant caravans are not a threat to America.

Agree___ Disagree___ There should be no public displays of the Ten Commandments.

Agree___ Disagree___ Prostitution should be nationally legalized.
Agree___ Disagree___ The Anti-Fascist movement is a good movement.

Agree___ Disagree___ America should be a Socialist nation.

Agree___ Disagree___ Tax cuts should be rescinded.

Agree___ Disagree___ Government should provide free health care to all.

Agree___ Disagree___ There should be a free college education for all.

Agree___ Disagree___ The death penalty should be abolished.

Agree___ Disagree___ A person who opposes the homosexual agenda is homophobic.

Agree___ Disagree___ The Second Amendment should be repealed.

Agree___ Disagree___ Only evolution should be taught in public schools.

Agree___ Disagree___ Climate change is manmade.

Agree___ Disagree___ Explicit sex education should be taught in public schools.

Whether or not a person agrees, or disagrees, with these statements, a logical defense should be given for each position taken. This is especially true for Christians as they remember the Biblical exhortation. “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31)

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