“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” –Jesus

In a highly partisan and emotionally charged atmosphere, Christine Blaséy Ford appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on September 27, 2018, to testify against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She was there because of the seriousness of her thirty six year old allegations. Dr. Ford was shown every courtesies and consideration as the Judicial Committee listened to her testimony. Now the Senate must make a decision. So must the nation, for that was the purpose of the public hearing demanded by the Democrats.

Christine Ford’s testimony could have been taken in private, but the Democrat policy of personal destruction of Conservatives necessitated the nation see Judge Kavanaugh, not as the good, godly, and brilliant jurist he is, but as an alcoholic sexual predator the Democrats want him to appear to be.

As a concerned voter, I wanted to listen to both Christine Ford, and Judge Kavanaugh. As a citizen, I wanted equal justice under the law for both parties. As a constitutionalist, I wanted each witness to be considered innocent before being declared guilty. As a Christian I wanted to render, in my own mind, a righteous judgment.

Now, having listened to the testimony of Christine Blaséy Ford, it is self-evident that she is not a credible witness. The prosecutor’s Senate Report outlines nine reasons why Christine Blasey Ford is not to be believed. She does not remember basic, but critical details of the incident, such as the time, place, or year of the incident. She admits to drinking underage. Her high school year book indicates she was a party girl, like so many others in her school. Christine Blasey Ford never explained how she knew Brett Kavanaugh. She was fifteen, he was seventeen at the alleged time, and they did not move in the same social circles. The people Dr. Ford appealed to for support of her imaginative testimony did not give her corroboration. Dr. Ford is a militant political activist who has a known agenda, which is to stop Judge Kavanaugh from ascending to the Supreme Court. Her lawyers were recommended to her by Senator Dianne Feinstein. She said under oath that she never helped anyone with a polygraph test. She did help someone else prepare for a test, thereby skewering her own polygraph test. She said she is afraid of flying. And yet she has flown all over the world. By every conceivable objective standard, Christine Blasey Ford has not told the complete truth under oath, and, she has borne false witness against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, thereby violating the ninth Moral Commandment of God: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” (Ex. 20:16).

It is not enough that Christine Blasey Ford appeared credible. Many people who are passionate about their agenda appear credible, which is why Jesus said, “Be honest in your judgment and do not decide at a glance (superficially and by appearances); but judge fairly and righteously” (John 7:24, AMP). Those who believe Christine Blasey Ford are free to embrace her false testimony, and so partake in the evil she is doing to herself, to Judge Kavanaugh, to his lovely family, and to the nation. By evil, we mean the injurious behavior she is inflicting on others, needlessly.

Christine Blasey Ford will, no doubt, become like Anita Hill, a lioness for those who want to devour babies through abortion, and a champion of radical feminism. She will profit off of her false testimony, reflected in the large amount of money she has raised to date through her Go Fund Me page. But what does that matter if she has lost her soul?

A person without a moral compass, truth, or integrity, has nothing. Embracing a political agenda will bring no comfort in a godless eternity. Her story will not stand the test of time, let alone when she has to give an account of her story before the Lord God of the universe someday. “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad” (2 Cor. 5:10).

My personal prayer is that even in the midnight of her dark deed, God would grant Christine Blasey Ford grace, mercy, and repentance. It is not too late for her salvation. It is not too late for her to say to the world, “I had a false memory, and I am so sorry for what I have falsely said against a good, decent, and honorable man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

Apart from God granting Christine Blasey Ford gospel repentance, she will be confirmed in evil. She will be given over to a reprobate mind, and her eternal judgment will be sealed. The book of Revelation 21:8 tells who will be cast into the Lake of Fire. God takes bearing false witness seriously, and so should every American, and so should every Christian.

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