“But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:10).

“Use your common sense, what rings true, what rings false.”—Martha Gamble Kavanaugh

There are many parallels between the Biblical story of Job, and the tragic ordeal of 53 year old conservative, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has been nominated to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

The Bible says that Job was a man that was blameless and upright in the sight of God. By any objective standard, and by the testimony of many people who have known him over many decades, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has lived a principled, dedicated, blameless and upright life in the sight of God.

The Bible says that Job was a man who loved his family, and looked after their spiritual interests. Job offered burnt offerings on their behalf. Judge Kavanaugh is a devoted family man who loves his children and walks hand in hand with them, literally. One of the most precious and compelling unscripted scenes of his Senate hearings was the day Judge Kavanaugh arrived with his family, holding the hand of his daughter, Liza, Judge Kavanaugh made his way to his seat at the table.

The Bible says that Job was falsely accused by Satan. In like manner, Judge Kavanaugh has been accused by Christine Margaret Blasey Ford, a fifty year old American psychologist and professor in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University. On September 16, 2018 the public was made aware of a diabolical sexual accusation against Brett Kavanaugh by Ms. Blasey.

According to Christine Blasey, Judge Kavanaugh attempted to rape her, thirty six years ago. He was 17, and Christine was 15. The alleged sexual assault took place at a pool party in a suburban Maryland home. Five young people were present, including Christine. In a letter sent July 30, 2018, to Senator Dianna Feinstein, Christine Blasey, a radical left wing advocate, and supporter of Bernie Sanders, made the following statement: “Brett Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted me during high school in the early 1980’s. He conducted these acts with the assistance of REDACTED.”

When pressed for details of the alleged assault, Christine Blasey does not remember the house she was in. She does not remember how she got to the party, or how she left. She does not remember the year. It is remarkable what she does not remember. One of Christine’s supposed witnesses, Patrick J. Smyth, denies her accusation against Judge Kavanaugh. “I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh” (CNN NEWS, Sept 19, 2018). Mark Judge has been named as the other person who was in the room where the alleged sexual attempted rape incident took place also denied the incident. Judge Kavanaugh maintains he was not at the party and categorically and unequivocally denies the accusation.

The world is not left to wonder who is telling the truth because, common sense tells what is true and what is false in this case.

What is true is that the Democrats have made diabolical accusations before against a conservative Supreme Court nominee. In 1991, at the last moment, Anita Hill stepped forward to accuse Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace.

What is true is that desperate people do despicable things, so no one should be surprised. The Democrats are desperate to stop the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh because they are driven by an insane madness to kill unborn babies, as Heinrich Himmler was driven to kill as many Jews as possible, even after it was known the Nazis would lose World War II.

If Judge Kavanaugh committed himself to upholding Roe v Wade, all opposition against him would cease. But because he is a good man, decent, and godly man, a man who believes in life, justice for all, and equality under the law, he is despised, hated, and feared. Jesus said that the servant is not above the Master, so Judge Kavanaugh might not be surprised at this accusation against him from the pit of hell. There is a cross for the followers of Jesus to bear.

Judge Kavanaugh you are not alone. Millions of people bear a cross with you, for we too are willing to be crucified with Christ for the sake of the gospel. We do not love this world, but would love to see the world converted so that babies could live, drugs addiction could be eliminated, crime could be stopped, truth could be told, and righteousness roll on as a mighty stream (Amos 5:24). Take courage. Keep the faith. God will not fail you. Holy Angels have come to surround you. The prayers of millions are with you.

Remember this. By the grace of God, a satanic lie did not prevail against Job, or against Justice Clarence Thomas. This lie will not prevail against you. You are not alone. God is with you, and so are fair minded Christians, and people of all persuasions that realize, if a mere accusation, without a shred of documentation, is enough to destroy a person, no one is safe.

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