If I Were the Man I Would Like to Be…

I would have the mind of the apostle Paul, who was able to understand all the great mysteries of God.

I would have the ears of Noah, who heard the voice of God telling him to build an ark, and did so by faith.

I would have the eyes of Peter, who was able to weep over his sins, and yet see Jesus as the Son of the Living God.

I would have the mouth of Stephen, who was able to preach with power, after being filled with the Holy Spirit.

I would have the shoulders of Moses, who was able to bear the responsibility of leading over a million people to the Land of Promise.

I would have the arms of Samson, to have physical strength to do the work of the ministry.

I would have the heart of David, who was fearless when all others cowered before a Philistine, who was outside the covenant of grace.

I would have the loins of mercy of Hosea, who loved without measure, and pleaded with others to follow the Lord God.

I would have the knees of the apostle John. He was so well known for his life of prayer that the early Christians called him, “Camel Knees.”

I would have the thighs of Jacob, who was touched one night by the Angel of Jehovah, that he might learn to lean on Jesus for the rest of his life.

I would have the legs of Joshua, who stood up in old age and said, “Give me this mountain for my inheritance,” and then he went forth to conquer his enemies.

I would have the feet of Philip, who went forth preaching the gospel, as the Spirit directed him.

For character, I would possess the faith of Abraham, who believed God and it was accounted unto him for righteousness.

I would have the courage of Gideon, who despite his fears, went forth to battle.

I would have the vision of Ezekiel, who witnessed afresh great, and marvelous, things.

I would have the burden of Andrew, who longed for souls to come to the Savior.

I would have the grace of young Samuel, who submitted himself to the God of the Universe, and said, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”

I would exercise the authority of Titus, who was able to go to a local assembly, and set in order the things that were lacking.

I would have the intense spirit of Jeremiah, who had fire in his bones. He could not keep silent.

I would have the patience of Job, to deal with the adversities of life.

I would possess the wisdom of Solomon, to know how to counsel others.

For clothing, I would wear the prophetic mantel of Elijah, the humble desert sandals of John the Baptist, and the robes of Joseph showing the favor he had with the Father.

For food, I would eat the manna given from heaven, even the Bread of Life.

I would desire the sincere milk of the Word of God, like a newborn baby desires the milk of its mother.

I would drink of the cup of Living Water.

But most of all, I would be like Christ who loved me, and came to give His life for me.

Stanford E. Murrell

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