“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you” (Eph. 4:32).

Several years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case of monumental significance. The Supreme Court agreed to review a Missouri law in the case of Webster v. Reproductive Health Services. Although few experts looked for a complete reversal of the High Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, legalizing abortions on demand, many hoped the court would change some of its previous ruling and refer the issue back to the states for a decision on abortion’s fate. Someday the Supreme Court  might do just that.

I believe that the Church can have a direct bearing on the outcome of any future decision the High Court’s may have on this issue as we utilize the greatest weapon on the face of the earth, the weapon of sincere, spiritual prayer. I realize that, generally speaking, the Christian Church is not as effective in the area of prayer as it should be. The state of society is against us. The manifestation of a basic attitude of collective cultural indifference to the slaughter of the innocent is against us.

I say these things, not to shame the Church, but to jar Christians out of lethargy. Here is an issue worth crying out to God night and day about.

Many years ago, on April 6, 1989, I met with a number of other pastor’s and concerned people at the Fundamental Church of West Deer in Pennsylvania. It was suggested at that meeting that each church take a 24 hour period and hold a prayer vigil for the unborn babies that are being butchered at the rate of one every 20 seconds, 4,000 a day, over a million a year. It was a good idea then; it is a good idea still.

Why? Because there is blood in this land. A terrible sin was legally started in 1973, and the numbering is not yet complete. Abortion is an issue that affects every man, woman, and young person in America.. Of the 44 million babies killed already, an American may very well have murdered the soul that would have given us the cure for cancer.

There are practical reasons for stopping abortion. Multitudes of women are suffering from Post Abortion Trauma. Women speak of hearing their aborted children calling out to them during the day. Many women dream of their aborted babies at night, like the mother of Tilly.

Many years ago now, Tilly’s mother did not let her live. Under the pressures of the moment, a salt poisoning abortion procedure was used. The nurse assisting in the procedure realized what happens on rare occasions, Tilly was not dead. Tilly entered the world burned and scarred, scared and crying. She was made of sturdy stock, and lived a few hours on earth before she went to her eternal home in heaven.

In the years to come, Tilly’s mother dreamed about her. In her dreams, mom found her Tilly.

Now, what might a mother who has aborted her baby hear, upon meeting her child? Here is one possibility. Listen as this mother meets her Tilly, all grown up in heaven. They are meeting by the living waters of life. Along the banks, grow trees, with fruit for the healing of nations. A bubbling brook filled with precious jewels is the setting for the souls to rest by.

As mom approaches her long ago discarded child she hears a mature voice saying, “Mom? Is that you? I have been looking for you. Mother, I want you to know that I forgive you. I love you, mom”, says Tilly.

It has been my experience that children are very forgiving. Hurt them if you dare, they cry, only to return for a hug. And the children who grow up in heaven are the most loving and forgiving of all.

But will the aborted children forgive the Church, can they forgive Christians if, as the people of God, as the champions of compassion, if we do not pray for the slaughter of the innocent to stop? Let the Church pray for the appointment of conservative, God fearing justices to the Supreme Court who will do what is just and right to stop the scourge that ravages our land.

There are many children who are willing to forgive their mothers who aborted them, based upon gospel repentance, for the children are like their heavenly Father who forgives all who confesses their sin.

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