The Heart, Talk, and Actions of



President Donald J. Trump

“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” –Proverbs 29:2 (NIV)

When President Trump is accused by CNN news commentators, and other outlets of being like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and other authoritarian rulers, Conservative Christians want to know, “Is this true?” By considering the characteristics of an authoritarian with the actions of President Donald J. Trump, a logical conclusion, not an emotional one, can be reached.

An Authoritarian has a “phone and a pen” and writes Executive Orders that create new laws, such as the DACA program, thereby subverting, Congress, which is the Legislative Branch.

President Trump has worked with Congress to give TAX CUTS to all Americans, and to offer better insurance to the nation by allowing all 50 states to compete. The President is working through Congress to pass a budget that includes funds to build a wall that will make the country safer, while getting rid of Chain Migration, the Visa Program, and Catch and Release.

An Authoritarian will rule against the will of the people, by telling the people they should NOT have free speech on college campuses; they should NOT have guns; they should NOT drive SUV’s’; they should NOT keep the fruits of their labor; they should NOT have borders of security, and they should NOT have hope in the future, but accept a normal GDP growth of 1.6 % annually. Meanwhile these same Authoritarians are heavily guarded personally.

President Trump insists on free speech for all, upholds the second amendment, wants people to drive what they want, and sell what they create without paying excessive tariffs to other nations. President Trump wants all Americans to have hope in the future, reflected by full employment, the lowest unemployment rate for blacks ever recorded, the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics ever recorded, and the lowest unemployment for people with only a high school education. Women’s unemployment rate is a 67 percent record low. People want jobs and hope. The economy is growing at 4.1 % at the moment.

An Authoritarian wants people to believe their rights come from the state, not God. In fact, God is deliberately and officially left out of their party platform.

Despite his past moral failures in the matter of marital fidelity, President Trump confesses faith in God, calls upon the nation to pray to God, invites ministers of the gospel to pray for him personally, and humbly bows his head in reverence to God.

An Authoritarian takes away individual liberties through taxation, and regulates every facet of one’s life: air, water, how much soda a person can drink, what food they should eat in public schools, what car they should drive, what their “fair” share of taxes might be (which is never enough), and if they use a straw in their drink. The Authoritarian even tries to regulate climate control through guilt, by persuading people they are the cause for weather pattern changes. In all of this and more, a nation of sheep is led to the slaughter. Without thinking for themselves, people allow Authoritarian personalities to thrive.

In contrast, President Donald J. Trump has cut taxes. He has cut 3 to 5 regulations for every new rule. President Trump wants people to eat what they want, including McDonald hamburgers, and has removed the false guilt liberals, news people, academic institutions with a money agenda, and unscrupulous politicians have placed on the people. When you think of freedom,, the image of President Trump should come to mind.

An Authoritarian leans over and whispers to the Russian ambassador to tell Putin that he can be more flexible in his second term, meaning he can give Russia what the Kremlin wants including no opposition to the annexation of the Ukraine.

In contrast, President Trump has armed America’s eastern allies in Europe, despite Russian’s objections. He has told the German government they should not be buying gas from Russia but from the USA, thereby hurting the Russian economy. The president has expelled 70 Russian ambassadors in support of England. He has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. None of this reflects any “sympathy” for Russian, or supports any Fake News about him being influenced by Russia. In addition, the President has told Europe to pay more for NATO and stop using the USA as their piggybank. He has built up the US military. When you think of American First, and her safety, the image of President Trump should come to mind.

An Authoritarian promises state sponsored social security from the cradle to the grave. Free single payer, universal healthcare; free college; guaranteed job security.

President Trump promotes capitalisms, not socialism. He is committed to free enterprise and not free government giveaway programs for never has socialism every worked. Socialism has not worked in Russia, Venezuela, or Cuba. Socialism is not working in Canada, England, Italy, or France. Socialism did not work in America when it was briefly tried by the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, made a socialist compact – and almost starved to death. Read the Journals of William Bradford (1590-1657) and what happened in Massachusetts.

An Authoritarian will use the powers of government, such as the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ to spy on his political opponent through wiretaps, surveillances, and moles within the organization of opposition.

President Trump has done nothing like this, but the former administration did, and so governed like an Authoritarian regime.

An Authoritarian will make up lies about his political opponent through fake dossiers and use the news media to spread lies, innuendos, and false rumors about the opponent.

An Authoritarian will make citizens more dependent on government through government housing, food stamp programs, and government jobs.

In contrast, President Trump has seen 2.8 million people taken off of food stamps by putting them back to work with dignity.

The Conclusion.

A non-emotional, nonpartisan person will be compelled to say that, whatever President Trump is, by any objective consideration, he is NOT an authoritarian dictatorial ruler, but he does rule with authority as the office of the presidency demands. As a result, our nation thrives, and many grateful people are rejoicing that God has raised up President Trump to be America’s leader. The man and the hour have met.

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