Early Wednesday morning, on June 14, 2017, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people were shot and wounded when a radical supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders opened fire on the Republican congressional base team during a practice on a field in Alexandria, Virginia.

It was a terrifying scene for all involved. More than one hundred bullets were fired between the gunman and the police officers returning fire.

After the emotional ordeal, while the bloody victims of the shooting were being taken to local hospitals, the Democrats who were practicing on another field, gathered to pray when they heard the tragic news. My question is, “To whom were the Democrats praying?”

I do not ask that to be mean, but out of curiosity, and for this reason. Since 2012, the Democrats have worked hard to keep God out of their party platform. In 2016 they succeeded. They do not mention the words “God,” or “Lord,” even one time. This is not surprising. When you have planks in your national political platform that support abortion rights on demand, the selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, and gay marriage, then it is reasonable to see why God’s name would be dropped. So, the question remains. “To whom were the Democrats praying following the shooting of the targeted Republicans?”

Were the Democrats praying to Allah? The Democrats are very quick to protect the immigration of Muslims, despite knowing the Islamic religion is hostile to American values and the Christian faith. After every Muslim murderous rampage, the Democrats, led by former President Obama to Nancy Pelosi, rush to downplay the religion that drives people to kill, indiscriminately, men, women, and children in the name of Allah.

Were the Democrats praying to Mother Nature? With their phobias about climate change, and their love of the EPA to regulate every facet of life, is it possible that the Democrats were praying to Gaea, or Mother Earth?

Were the Democrats praying to anyone? I do not know. I would love to have been in that circle of congressmen and staff members to hear what is on their hearts.

What is certain is this.

First, the rhetoric of political discourse needs civility. In recent months the media, and the Democratic Party have united to justify the comic beheading of the President of the United States, sponsor a public play about his assassination in a park, and promote vile and disgusting comments by liberal Democratic commentators. The result, James Hodgkinson identified himself with the radical policies of the left, and moved to do something. He was determined to kill Republicans because they support the policies of the President. He would no longer debate, or argue those who disagreed with him. He would silence them forever.

Second, despite the Democratic Party sponsoring  vitriolic rhetoric and ungodly polices, many Democrats are individually  religious. The desire of some Democrats to instinctively gather to pray following the shooting spree of Hodginson, reflects the fact that some of them violate their conscience in the Senate, and while serving in Congress. Many Democrats know better than to lie about others with a false narrative, or allow those lies to continue. Many Democrats know better than to fund the slaughter of unborn babies. Many Democrats know better than to mock the assassination of the President. Many Democrats know better than to support the homosexual community with their degenerate and unnatural lifestyle, and their destructive policies of marriage and the family.

Third, God will not be kept out of politics or the world in which He has created. The Democratic Party, Liberals, and the biased media, along with the Supreme Court, may try to keep God out of our lives, but the Lord knows how to insert Himself into the consciousness of individuals.

I suspect it was to the LORD GOD that the Democrats prayed to in their hour of need on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017. May every Democrat pray and confess, “Lord, America needs you. I need you.”

Now that so some Democrats in political leadership positions have found God again, let them honor Him in their platform, and in their policies in the days to come.

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