In March, 2017, my fifthteen year old granddaughter, Rylee, wrote to me with a question. “Papa, I have joined a Bible Quiz Team. We are studying Exodus 1-10. Can you help?” I responded to this plea for help for her study preparation with a series of questions and answers for each verse in each chapter in Exodus 1 through 10. As the questions developed, I was surprised at the many little details that are easily missed. Christians, including myself, think we know the Bible. But, do we? Perhaps you would like to take the following Pop Quiz and see how many answers you can get correctly. These are not trick questions, and the correct answers are provided at the end with Scripture.

Ten Questions

  1. List the three signs the LORD gave to Moses at the burning bush confirming that He was the eternal I AM sending Moses to Pharaoh.
  2. What personal excuse did Moses give for not going before Pharaoh?
  3. When did the LORD seek to kill Moses?
  4. The very first time Moses appeared before Pharaoh, what miracle was performed?
  5. What were the ages of Moses and Aaron when they stood before Pharaoh to declare, “Thus saith the Lord, Let my people go?
  6. Whose serpent rod ate up the serpent rods of the Egyptians?
  7. Who stretched forth his hand with a rod in it to turn the river into blood, and later caused frogs to come forth from the waters to cover the land of Egypt?
  8. True or false. The ten plague did not affect the Israelites.
  9. Why did Moses refuse to allow Israel to worship inside Egypt? What did he fear?
  10. Give one  reason why God hardened the heart of Pharaoh.

Your Score:

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Ten Answers

  1. The rod of Moses became a serpent (Exodus 4:2-5), the hand of Moses was made leprous (Exodus 4:6-8), some water from the river was to be poured out  on dry land and it would turn to blood (Exodus 4:9).
  2. Moses did not think he was eloquent enough to speak for God.           Exodus 4:10
  3. On his way to meet with Pharaoh the LORD sought to kill Moses.      Exodus 4:24-26
  4. No miracle was performed the first time Moses met with Pharaoh.    Exodus 5:1-5
  5. Moses was 80 years old. Aaron was 83 years old.                                    Exodus 7:7
  6. It was Aaron’s rod that swallowed up the magician’s rods.                    Exodus 7:12
  7. It was Aaron who stretched out his hand and the river turned to blood ( Exodus 7:19), and it was Aaron who stretched out his hand for the frogs to come forth (Exodus 8:6).
  8. True. The ten plagues did not affect the Israelites.                                   Exodus 8:22-23
  9. Moses refused to allow Israel to worship inside the land of Egypt lest the people offer a sacrifice of abomination of the Egyptians to the LORD. Moses feared being misunderstood by the Egyptians leading to the Israelites being stoned.  Exodus 8:26
  10. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so he would not let Israel leave Egypt. Exodus 4:21 God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so He could multiply His signs and wonders in the land of Egypt (Exodus 7:3)

The purpose of this Pop Quiz is to show how carefully the Bible needs to be read. While it is important to read the Bible, it is more important to read the Bible slowly and carefully for personal profit. If you would like a copy of Simple Questions and Answers in Scripture on various books of the Bible, including Revelation, you can request the files from

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