Another year has ended with the hope of a new one now before the nation. It is the perfect time to reflect upon our spiritual future. Many have already made New Year’s resolutions to shed a few extra pounds, spend less, save more, or a myriad of other personal goals. But more importantly, we should also strive for spiritual goals, or something we want to accomplish this year for the Lord. Below is a list of resolutions, or goals, or goals that would be good to consider.

Be a diligent student of God’s Word. It is remarkable to think that the great Sovereign of the universe has gratuitously communicated to us directly through his Word. The Lord has given us His message, and we are responsible to search the Scriptures earnestly to find out what He has revealed.

Pray without ceasing. We do not serve an indifferent God. We worship a benevolent Lord and Savior who wants to hear our prayers and petitions, and has given us guidance on how to pray.

Witness to unbelievers. One of the most difficult tasks the Christian has is fulfilling the great commission, especially in a society that is, in many ways, at war with  Christianity. Nevertheless, we are commanded to witness, and are even called to suffer for Jesus,  even if that suffering is loss of friends and personal humiliation. If there still resides some feelings of apprehension, just imagine the humiliation it took for Jesus to humble Himself  by taking on the form of man only to be spat upon, and crucified. If the Lord can do that for us, we can do something for Him.

Study church history industriously. If people truly understood their Christian heritage, I believe the constant recycling of heresy under differing names would cease, or at least abate. A study of church history will reveal that the church is still the great institution on earth. For no one else did Christ die.

Participate in worldwide missions. The Lord does not call everyone to minister as a formal missionary, but for those who do, they are always blessed. I have yet to hear a report from someone who has witnessed in a foreign country return with reports of unhappiness. On the contrary, every testimony that I have heard is positive and uplifting. While not all Christians in the local congregation understand the importance of a short term mission trip, and some will even oppose it,  God calls some individuals to go to their own Jerusalem, Judea, and uttermost parts of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

Support Christian ministries. The Lord loves a cheerful giver, not one who gives out of compulsion. Giving should be done with a happy heart, and given to ministries as the Lord leads. There is an economic reality to every ministry. It takes the generosity of Christians to keep ministries operational.

Study theological works. We are blessed with more than two thousand years  of Christian men and women  who have devoted their lives to studying God’s Word. Many have written their spiritual insights about God’s truth. We benefit from the labors of those who have studied the Scriptures to share eternal truths.

Volunteer in the local community. There are many ways we can spread the gospel message. One avenue is through volunteering in the local community, and demonstrating our Christian charity to the world through the good nature and grace of the Christian life. Acts of kindness are a way of fulfilling the great commission.

Be good stewards of the Lord’s money. The finances we have are not ours. They belong to the Lord. Owing no man anything is more than an axiom, it is a biblical command (Rom 13:8).

Scripture memorization. We are commanded to be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in us. One primary way to achieve readiness is through memorizing God’s Word. Once we know what God has said, then we can accurately respond to those who challenge the purity of the gospel message.

Serve in the church. The Lord calls and equips individuals differently in order to complete the body of Christ. Some have a desire to help with manual labor, while others enjoy a special calling to expound God’s Word, and still others possess a different spiritual gift. Whatever our calling is among the body of Christ, whatever the Lord has equipped us to do, we should readily use our gifts in order to edify others.

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