Make America Want Again

The story of David’s fight with Goliath is a favorite story in Biblical history because it was a difficult time in Israel. The nation was being ruled by an unstable monarch who was not making wise decisions, and had personally turned from obeying the word of God. The domestic turmoil was aggravated by foreign conflicts with the Philistines, the traditional enemy of the Hebrew people.

In the struggle for political and military dominance, the Philistines had found a champion warrior in a 9’ 9” tall giant named Goliath. Each day, Goliath would invite someone from the army of Israel to engage him in combat. The army of the winner of the contest would take all the spoils of war. The Jews were terrified of Goliath, including King Saul. The moral leadership of Israel, and the collective will of the people to fight and defeat on the field of battle the enemy of the state, simply did not exist.

As Goliath spoke one day his blasphemous speech, David witnessed the reaction of the men in the army. He watched as good men began to tremble  at the mere presence of Goliath. The people lived in  terror, which is what their enemies wanted.

When the rehearsed monologue of Goliath ended, and he lumbered back to his base camp, conversation began in the ranks of Israel. David listened to the conversation in the camp, and was alarmed by what he heard.

The people were fearful. They had lost faith in God. They had lost hope in themselves. The future stretched out into abject despair. People were willing to accept the status quo. Many were willing to be subjugated to a foreign entity rather than fight bravely and live, or die, as free men.

In the providence of God, there appeared on the horizon a warrior champion for Israel. But the people did not understand at first. The young man who said he wanted to fight for God and country was a shepherd, without formal military, or political, experience. What could he do?

What the young shepherd of the hills could do, what he did do, was to remind anyone who would listen that there was a cause worth fighting for. The young champion asked a question that implied its own answer. “Is there not a cause?” (1 Sam. 17:9). “Is there not a cause to go to war to defend the nation?” “Is there not a cause to have renewed faith in God?” “Is there not a cause to remember that God will honor those who honor Him?” “Is there not a cause in calling people to fight for their future, their faith, family, and country?” Indeed there is a grand and glorious cause.

In the quest to make America great again, Americans must first want again. Americans must want to have a distinct nation, and not be subjugated to foreign powers. Americans must want to protect life, and stand guard over and protect the weakest members of society. Americans must want to have faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Americans must want to value family and friends. Americans must want to preserve their spiritual, moral, and cultural heritage.

The question is this. “How can Americans be made to want these things again?” That was the dilemma that David faced in his generation. David looked upon his society and saw nothing but a willingness to capitulate to the ruthlessness of the enemy. David saw people who had abandoned their trust in God. As far as his eyes could see, David witnessed “men without chests”, in the words of C. S. Lewis.

What did David do? He began to talk. David understood the power of words. David knew that God spoke at creation, and the worlds sprang into existence. God spoke, and the sun, moon, and stars appeared. God spoke, and the animals came forth. God spoke and there was life.

David turned to speak to one person after another until finally he found someone who would listen to him. When he found that individual, David went into action. The shepherd of the hills led the way. David said in essence, “Follow me Israel!” “Follow me, I am going to fight the enemy that would kill all of us!” “Follow me Israel, I am going to battle believing in the living God!” “Follow me people, and I will make Israel great again. Our enemies will fear us. Our friends will respect us. Our God will bless us. Follow me!”

That is the message that we can share with others. We have a champion in Jesus Christ, the greater Son of David who fought and prevailed against a giant bigger than Goliath. Jesus Christ conquered death itself. We follow Him to victory and glory.

In the providence of God we have a new political champion who has proven himself fearless on behalf of the principles he wants to establish, and the people he wants to lead. He invites us to follow him to victory.

The question is posed. “Americans, do you want victory!” Then vote. Cast your vote for God and country. Cast your vote for Christ and the Judeo Christian values that have been instilled in our hearts, and made our country exceptional. Vote to defeat our foreign enemies abroad. Vote to silence our political enemies at home.

“Americans, do you want to be that shining city set upon a hill?” “Americans, do you want freedom?” Then go forth and vote, and the political battle will be won with ballots. Then, where necessary, the military battles with soon be won with bullets under a new Commander in Chief of the armed services.

May God bless America. May God cause Americans to want again what He wants, which is truth, justice, righteousness, and freedom. Let us go forth and “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof” (Lev. 25:10).

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