In trying to assess the damage done by a lone killer let loose in Orland, Florida in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, the great cover up has begun. The FBI claims no responsibility for letting another mass murderer slip through its investigation process. The president of the United States certainly claims no responsibility. He will not even use the term Islamic Terrorist. The president’s position seems to be that society at large is to blame. Really? Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blames loose immigration laws for allowing the murderer and his family into the country years ago. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blames lack of gun control.

While these voices are being heard, there is another voice that tells us the truth of the matter. It is the voice of Jesus saying that, “out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man” (Matt. 15:19-20).

Who is responsible for the massacre murders in Orlando, Florida? The defiled and morally depraved perpetrator, Omar Mateen is responsible for the mass killings. That is the starting point for understanding this tragedy, not the terminal point, for behind the actions of the shooter is a life that was profoundly influenced by a religion, and an ideology. The ideology is that of ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) which is committed to establishing and maintain a caliphate. The religion is that of Islam which promotes Jihad, or waging a “holy war” on all infidels. An infidel is anyone who does not embrace Islam.

For many Muslims, life is very simple. A Muslim is to honor the prophet Mohammed, submit to Allah as he is revealed in the Koran, and embrace Sharia Law, even though it is abusive to women, advocates violence against infidels such as Jews and Christians. A devout Muslim is not to protest the practice of beheading, flogging, and stoning men, women, or children because Sharia law is implemented in the name of justice.

The followers of Islam do not denounce the zealous practitioners of the Islamic faith, reflected in the allegation. based on objective evidence, that Mateen’s wife aided and abetted him in his murderous behavior.

A Muslim businessman I spoke to after the Orlando massacre seemed to justify the slaughter by saying that Omar Mateen was disrespected. He confronted two men kissing in front of his parents and was told to shut up. Instead of leaving the area, Mateen took revenge. The irony is that Mateen himself was a trolling homosexual.

It is this lack of condemnation by so called moderate Muslims, against the truly zealous practitioners of their religion, that condemns all Muslims everywhere. There is not only guilt by association, but a tacit approval. Moderate Muslims secretly admire the strong Muslims who will do what they will not to advance the cause of Islam, which is world conquest. If the zealous practitioners of Islam prevail, there is hardly a Muslim on earth that would not rejoice in the rise of this religion, however it comes about.

Arabs dream of an Islamic Golden Age, but it would be anything but peaceful. There is no peace, says my God Jehovah, to the wicked. If Islam ruled the world there would still be no peace, for Arabs fight and kill each other. The Islam religion is determined to bring the whole world into their apocalyptic destiny.

Until this Islamic vision is recognized, there will be no sense of urgency to stop the culture of death promoted by the most zealous practitioners of the “People of the Book”, who are aided and abetted by the relative silence of their ideological kinsmen.

Where will this end?

For Christians who know their Bible, the future of Islam is written. This movement will end with the defeat of Islam, for God has spoken. Any religion that attacks the church will be destroyed. Christ conquered the Roman Empire, and Christ will conquer the Islamic Caliphate. “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor. 15:57).

The church of Christ shall prevail, for the gates of hell cannot conquer Christ or His kingdom. The battle against this evil religion called Islam has yet to begin in earnest. There is a desperate longing in Europe, and in America, not to confront evil. In this way history is repeating itself. In the 1930’s, the world did not want to confront Nazi Germany. Eventually, it was compelled to do so, because evil is militant in all of its political and religious forms.

Let the word go forth. The church of Christ will survive this hour of great tribulation. The church today is in clear and present danger. However, one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Mohammed himself shall one down bow down to the King of kings, and Lord of Lords, even Jesus Christ the righteous One. Soli Deo Gloria.

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