Last month I launched a book business called Ichthus Publications. Here are a few questions and answers about my latest venture.

What is Ichthus Publications?

Ichthus Publications is a publishing venture in conjunction with Amazon that was started to meet a growing demand for quality Christian books at a substantially reduced price. Our goal is to beat any competitor’s price for newly published paperback books. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a great product at a fantastic price.

How do we select our books to print?

Here at Ichthus Publications, we are Reformed in our soteriology, hopeful in our eschatology, and gracious in our harmartiology, and we seek to provide books that meet those standards. However, we offer a number of books that differ from our stated position, as we believe it is best to read and understand differing points of view from the leading proponents themselves.

So what books do we offer?

We specialize in Reformed Christian classics, mostly from the time of St. Augustine to the early twentieth century. Some of our titles include works from C. H. Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey, A. W. Pink, and Jonathan Edwards, to name just a few. However, we do not limit our books to just Reformed authors.

What if I do not see a book I want?

If you have an idea for a book you would like to see in print at a great price, contact us using our contact form at and we will do what we can to get your book in no time.

Why the name “Ichthus”?

“Ichthus” simply means “fish” in Greek. It was the earliest symbol used by Christians to show solidarity among other like-minded believers.

How many books are currently available?

We currently offer approximately 50 books, and we are adding 3-5 books per week.

Do you offer ebooks?

Yes, most of our titles are available in Kindle format.

How can I browse your book selection?

Simply go to to find out more about Ichthus Publications or to request a Christian classic you would like to see in print at a bargain price.

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