Kindle Deals, and More (19 August)

In case you are looking for some great Christian reads, here are some $0.99 Kindle deals for you:

Come Ye Children: Help for Teaching Children About Jesus (Charles Spurgeon)

Heaven Is for Real: Spurgeon Sermons on the Hope of Every Believer (Charles Spurgeon)

Spurgeon’s Catechism: With Scriptural Proofs (Charles Spurgeon)

Hell and Future Punishment: Select Sermons of Jonathan Edwards (Jonathan Edwards)

The Divine Inspiration of the Bible (A. W. Pink)

Also, some interesting (and, perhaps, not-so-interesting) reads around the blogosphere:

Are Christian Missionaries Narcissistic Idiots? Al Mohler responds to self-described right-wing political pundit Ann Coulter who was critical of Christian missionaries to Africa. Dr. Mohler clearly points out the fundamental flaw in nationalizing Christianity by making it a religion of America.

Dumbest Way to Get Out of Marrying: One man went to some extreme—and absurd—lengths to get out of marrying his fiancé.

The Real Reason We Yawn: Here is an intriguing article that explains the science behind the yawn. Also, be prepared for a few sympathetic yawns while reading the article (I yawned six times while reading).

Why Courtship Is Fundamentally Awed: Doug Wilson is an advocate of the courtship model (in contrast to dating), a model which “too frequently means six idiots are involved instead of two.” Wilson offers reasons why this approach is more practical and more biblical than serial dating.

How to Help Your Teen Handle Bad Feelings: Carolyn Mahaney offers advice for parents to have teens who struggle with negative emotions.

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